Jun 30, 2015

e o tempo passa

Olhando no espelho ( aquarela sobre Arches 300 g, 28 x28cm)
Looking at the mirror ( watercolour on Arches 300g 28 x28cm)

Jun 24, 2015

Jun 11, 2015

Jun 30, 2014

Self-portrait, a way to know yourself better

I am not what I ought to beI am not what I want to be
I am not what I hope to be
but still I am not what I used to be
and, by the grace of God(s)
I am what I am
                        John Newton

Apr 17, 2014

A slave of my dogs

My dogs are getting old. Like it happens with us, they also have some health problems and  I'm the one responsable for them.

Millow, an old rescued mixed breed dog, has skin cancer .
Frida, rescued brazilian terrier, thirteen, almost blind, has a heart disease, high blood pressure and kidneys problems.
Chagall , my beautiful boxer, joint problems.
I'm constantly traveling to other cities, including to the capital, to offer them the best treatments I can.
Happily Doris Lessing, ten, brazilian fila is well and rescued Diana recovered very well from skin cancer.
Freud, rescued basset daschund passed away,  I think he was already ill when I found him.

Now Capitu, Chagall's sister. She was born with cleft lips, but no cleft palate, so she could eat well since she was a puppy, By the time the vet decided she didn't need surgery. Now she's eigth and as most boxers she  has already some heart issues.

Last month  I  had to made a trip and the person. who was taking care of my  dogs didn't notice that a fly landed on Capitu's mouth and their larvae made a huge hole, damaging  the crevice and part of the nasal cavity .When I came back I hurried to find someone skilled to redo her mouth and nose.

Fortunately I found the right place, in Sao Paulo. The operation was divided into two parts, since she can not take a very strong anesthetic. The first part went very well. Two canine teeth were extracted,  another tooth had the tip cut and she had a mouthwash to prepare for the second part, a graft and stitching of gums and nose, on May, 9.

During these days I couldn't paint, post or visit my blog friends. I'm soooo tired....

Capitu gets all my attention. I really love her and I'll do my best to make sure she recovers well.
I miss blogging, but I need a break.
See you when I have time for myself.
Meanwhile I'm a slave of my dogs. A patient one.

Feb 27, 2014